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Fleetmy System

Simple & Powerful is our philosophy 

Any Device, Any Platform

Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, Laptop

Fleet Management

Increase Productivity

Improve Efficiency

Speed Up Delivery

Safety & Security

Reduce Cost

Smart Intelligent Fleet Management

Live Tracking, Smart Trip Detection, History Playback, Engine Hour, Speed Chart, Over speed Event, Geozone, Special Event, Fuel Chart, Notification & Alert


LIVE Tracking Map - Moving status / Idling status / Stop status
HISTORY Map - Moving trip / Idling duration / Stop duration
GEOZONE - time arrive geozone / time depart geozone
Guard and Movement Alert

Guard and protect your vehicle, get instant alert when your vehicle moved

Find Car and Navigate

Select any vehicle or any event detail, navigate to the exact location

Over Speeding Event Detail

Prevent driver from speeding, check overspeeding information

Intensive Monitor and Alert

Guard and Movement Alert

Geozone Arrive / Depart Alert

Trip Start / Trip Stop Alert

Fuel Refill / Fuel Theft Alert

Over Speed Alert

Tamper Detection and Alarm

Power Cut / Power Restore Alarm

Internal Backup Battery Low Alarm

Engine Immobilised / Resume Alarm

GPS Antenna Disconnected Alarm

Towing Alarm

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