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Fuel Monitoring

Fuel Management System

What is your vehicles monthly Big Data

Driving 8288 km Distance a month
Consumed 4923 liter Diesel a month
1.7 km / liter Fuel Consumption
59.5 liter / 100 km Fuel Consumption

Fuel Cost of the month RM10,584
(with RM2.15/liter Diesel fuel cost on July 2021)
How FleetMy Fuel Monitoring System can help you?
Fuel Chart, Fuel Usage, Fuel Refill, Fuel Theft Report 
Fuel Filling
Fuel Theft

Fuel Monitoring System

Fuel Level Sensor

High Resolution, Precise

Premium Quality, Reliable

Fuel Monitoring

Fuel usage activities analysis

365 days Fuel Records

Installation of Fuel Level Sensor

Fuel refill / Fuel theft event

Normal Fuel Chart
Fuel decrease event chart
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