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How much is your monthly vehicle expenses cost ?

Average vehicle running expenses in Malaysia

Loan payment
Fuel Expenses
Driver Salary
Fine / Summon
TOTAL Expenses
RM500 ~ RM2000/month
RM300 ~ RM8000/month
RM100 ~ RM1000/month
RM1200 ~ RM3000/month
From a few hundred to a few thousand

What is the Benefits & ROI with Fleet Management ?

Reduced Idling Time
Shorter Delivery Time
  • Real-Time Tracking & Monitoring

  • Automated Route Planning

  • Efficient Fuel Management

  • Standard Optimization

  • Ensured Timely Compliance

Increase Trip Delivery
Reduced Fuel Cost
  • Efficient Dispatch Systems

  • Improved Driving Behavior

  • Reduce Accident

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Prevent Fuel Theft

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Fleet Management System

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Telematics System

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