GPS Car Finder

Simple and Powerful

GPS Tracking System

Know your car activity and every detail movement from inside out

GPS Car Finder

Simple and powerful is our philosophy

Simple to use with rich detail information

Real-time Tracking

Simple and clear status code, understand your vehicle activities.

  • Green DOT with arrow sign | vehicle is moving with speed

  • Green DOT | vehicle is idling, engine on but not moving

  • Red DOT | vehicle is stop

Trip History | 365 day records 

  • Smart trip detect, automatic separate each individual trip at every stop. Easier for you to identify stop location.

  • Timeline view with green color start moving trip & red color stop location.

  • Rich information of moving duration, distance, average speed in every single trip. Stop duration and address information.

  • 365 days tracks history, we store longer history data conveniently for you to trace back your vehicle history records.

Geozone | Enter and Exit zone

Create Geozone boundary to capture specific data you needs. Setup push notification for specific Geozone like office, factory, warehouse to receive instant notification each time your vehicle arrive and depart office boundary.

  • Capture and display time of arrival when vehicle enter Geozone

  • Capture and display time of departure when vehicle exit Geozone

  • Receive mobile phone notification when your vehicle entering or exiting specific Geozone boundary

Guard and Movement Alert

You can click the padlock icon to virtual guard and protect your car. You will receive instant notification from the mobile app if your car unauthorized start by someone or moved. Take instance action to prevent car theft incident happen.

Find Car and Navigate

Sometimes finding out the vehicle location from the map you may still have no idea where your car is. Don't worry, we have Find Car and Navigate feature, simply click the pushpin from the tracks, it will use the coordinate and open your map navigation app like Google Map or Apple Map bringing you and navigation to the exact location. 

Over Speeding Event Detail

Check over speeding event make simple. you can easily load daily event detail, find out if there is any over speeding event on that day. Over speeding event can filter by the threshold of 90kph, 100kph, 110kph, 120kph.       

Monitor your

Car, Van, Pickup

makes simple

Key Benefits with GPS Car Finder

Improve efficiency

Track key aspects of your fleet’s performance and spot issues as they appear. GPS Car Finder helps you record journey and route data, including location, stop duration, in real-time.

Keep your drivers safe

Help drivers avoid accidents or breakdowns by keeping dispatch and fleet in direct communication, for new route suggestions and to bypass hazards.

Reduce costs

Make cost-effective decisions and create custom routes for cheaper and shorter journeys. Calculate toll and fuel costs, while factoring in local speed limits, rest stops and desired arrival time.

Deliver on-time

Generate routes that consider last minute changes and multiple stops, special handling and time-sensitive goods. Delight your customers with predicted, accurate ETAs that ensure timely deliveries.

Address unsafe driving

Analyze driver behavior based on speed limits, hazardous road conditions and rest-time. Know when and where your drivers stop to generate safer routes that follow trucking regulations.

Build trust with customers

Predict accurate ETAs in the planning stage and share automatic updates throughout the day. Send real-time status updates to your customers to let them know when they can expect their deliveries.

Monitoring with any device, anytime anywhere

GPS Tracking with any platform, FleetMy app for iOS and Android version available at Apple App store and Google Play store for mobile phone and tablet.

FleetMy GPS Car Finder also available web-based login which can monitor by laptop and computer.

15 years experience in GPS industries

Malaysia leading GPS solution since year 2007

We have 15 years of experience, we know GPS from inside out, we have in-house R&D team that expert in GPS knowledge and skill, developed GPS solution that fit your needs. We keep learning and understand what customer wants year by year since 2007.

Thousand of vehicles connected to our system

2000+ vehicles connected to Fleetmy gps tracking system. 500+ customers trust  Fleetmy gps tracking solution can help their business. 93.8% of customer continue to use Fleetmy system year after year, all because of the reliability.

Customer satisfaction is our Goal

Helping customer improve their business efficiency is our mission. We are happy to listen our customer success story that our GPS Tracking Solution help them improve their driver delivery efficiency. Customer satisfaction is our goal since the first day we start business.

Quality is our priority

We insist to use high quality telematics hardware

Robust, high quality GPS Tracker device made in Europe. European CE, Malaysia SIRIM certified with better quality and reliable hardware let your vehicle tracking available all the time.

Affordable GPS Tracking Plan

Affordable GPS tracking plan included Tracking Software, Server & SIM Card

  • Powerful GPS tracking software with 365 days tracking history records.

  • 99.5% uptime reliable and secure cloud server powered by AWS.

  • Robust industry telematics internet data SIM